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    Horses, Softball, Basketball, Shopping, Snowboarding, Livejournal, Myspace, etc...


    Only plans right now are: Friday July 15: Fountain Walk around 7? Fair! Saturday July 16: Founders Festival around 2? Yay!


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    [ Wednesday
    February 9th, 2005 | 3:54pm ]



    Monday i had a really bad headache so i went home. Felt good to sleep.


    Today was alright- hahah the bus rocked (taylor!) tonight I have bball at 6. Wooo fun. I'm thinking about having two journals- one for horse related things and one for school.. because i know all my school friends get sick of listening to the horse stuff i say.. and vise versa. Whatdya think?


    Right now i'm listening to Itunes radio.. Woo good music for shizzz!! haha.


    Not very interesting.. Pretty boring week. But still, leave love if your saweet.

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    [ Saturday
    February 5th, 2005 | 10:23pm ]

    hey hey hey kids.


    So far this weekend has been alright.. friday i went over vanessas with corrin and we had some fricking fun times. And i made them hot live journals.


    check them out-

    Corrins: http://www.livejournal.com/cali_xo_baby

    V's : http://www.livejournal.com/dancebaby126




    We lost our bball game! And the other team fricking SUCKED! we SO could have beat them. grr..

    then i went out and rode.. it was pretty awesome. Yep. So tommarow's my horseys bday! hes going be 19.. wow. Im making him bunches of stuff :-P


    Now i'm burning CDs. FUN!


    leave loving if you're freaking awesome


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    [ Friday
    February 4th, 2005 | 2:58pm ]


    well.. for some reason i was realllly mad this morning... no reason. but like everyone who talked to  me i'd be like shut up! anyways so everyone had french braids today which was so annoying sicne like 90 % of the people look so ugly with french braids!! AHH!! i was like ATTACK OF THE UGLY PEOPLE!! I'm soo annoyed with these two girls they suck- one thinks she's all that and can tell me anything she wants and has no sense of humor. The other is a freeaking bia bia and i hate her because she sucks! TODAY IS FRIDAY!!!Q ugh i'm so ready for this weekendd.. End of MEAP today! Woo! Erin's at matt's cottage :( that little brat- shes supposed to stay home with me..


    jp i hope you guys have fun...


    ehh i'm update more later


    whats everyone doing tonight and who's cool enough to have me go with them?

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    [ Wednesday
    February 2nd, 2005 | 9:37pm ]

    ALRIGHT enough with the dramatic stuff! Onto the juicy part ;)


    Highlights of my day:


    erin: jessie's french braid hehehe

    Tay: Watching Aaron do the snap thing in chorus, in the bathroom- 50!!! Watching the sub do the dance!basketball.. ahh good times.. good times.

    bob: the "bully box" going for a new design!


    Ah.. funny funny.

    I had to change my skirt because ms vestre said it was too short :(:( but then after- at the bball game me and erin started a new trend. For shiz.

    So. I hate meap because it makes the hours before lunch seem soo long! and i hate having reading class after the meap too. I hate reading class period. 


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    [ Wednesday
    February 2nd, 2005 | 9:27pm ]

    Prepare for a majorly depressing entry. Not in the mood to hear coplaints from Katherine? Dont read it..


    I feel like i'm trying to put a smile on everyone's face, cheer everyone up- but meanwhile, i cant even cheer myself up. I'm so busy trying to help everyone that i forget i'm not happy.

    Ecpecially after today.. ugh :(



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    [ Monday
    January 31st, 2005 | 4:03pm ]
    Best Part Of Winter!Collapse )
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    [ Saturday
    January 29th, 2005 | 11:13pm ]
    My True loveCollapse )
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    [ Saturday
    January 29th, 2005 | 9:22pm ]

    IN: Side Bangs, Lips purses, and late nights

    OUT: Crazy Moms, Losing in basketball


    Corrin cut my hair!  Now I have side bangs, but you cant really tell. They dont look as cute as corrin or erins. But thats okay. haha. Well, me bob and corrin stayed after school and went to tim hourtins. Fun. Then i went over corrins and then we went to fountain walk. We got derssed up soo cute and she flat ironed my hair. Fw was soo much fun!! but then of course my mom went crazy on me.  She says I never called her and told her where i was going, which I did. She just never picks up her phone. So she came to pick me up at frickin 9:30. Ughh i was like YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I was supposed to stay untill like 11 or 11:30! And then go to corrins but noooo UGH.

    Alright. But i'm over that now. But today i'm grounded so i cant go to bobs house. poo..

    We lost our basketball game just because people on my fricking team dont know how to play and suck! UGHH!

    hahah our dance moves (dont know how to spell chorieography) are so great in choir.. haha.


    So, nothing that interesting this weekend. Except that this one girl is awesome and her name is ERIN and i love her.



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    [ Tuesday
    January 25th, 2005 | 2:54pm ]

    Why am i so deprsesed all of a sudden?


    It feels like she doesnt like me anymore... and  i know that i shouldnt be so sad about this but for some reason I am. She goes everywhere and has all these people over and doesnt call me. I should just stop being so stupid about this but its hard. :( Bad day today.

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    [ Monday
    January 24th, 2005 | 3:59pm ]

    hey hey hey


    Alright. So. today went by soo freaking FAST!! Wow..


    Let me just start off with saying that i hate mornings. I had the worst time getting up.. ughh why cant school start later.

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    Back. Again. [ Sunday
    January 23rd, 2005 | 3:04pm ]
    Alright kids. I'm back again.
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    [ Thursday
    December 23rd, 2004 | 11:52am ]
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    Break.. [ Thursday
    December 23rd, 2004 | 11:44am ]
    [ mood | Relaxed... ITS SNOWING! ]

    So. Sam is going on a cruise! How dare her! She was supposed to come to my cott-age with me! and erin is doing somthing I think going up with her family.. or somthing... So yes. I am stuck! Dunno who to bring.. that can snowboard.. and isnt already doing somthing

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    Hey! [ Wednesday
    December 22nd, 2004 | 1:14pm ]
    [ mood | Tired ]

    Hey guys!

    I Decided.. the Live journal's coming back. So this weekend was the pc camp... fun stuff. It was Sunday- Tuesday so i didnt have to go to school. Today's wednesday but i didnt feel like going to school. Most people got out on Friday.. but of course our "great" farmington public schools... Anyways! Going up north for break hopfully with Sam. Nothing really else to say but i'll try to write later...

    <3 <3


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    [ Saturday
    December 4th, 2004 | 11:12pm ]
    [ mood | tired ]

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    Friday [ Saturday
    December 4th, 2004 | 12:05pm ]
    [ mood | awake ]

    Friday night.. hahha.

    Some one Ding Dong Ditches us-

    Bob: (opens door and no ones there) JESUS??? SANTA!!!?! THE EASTER BUNNY!

    Me- (opens door) STOP RINGING OUR DOORBELL
    Jackies neighbor: WHOS RINGING OUR BELL
    Jackies neighbor: Well stop!
    (which didnt make any sense)
    Me- ... RETARD
    Jackie- Katherine thats my neighbor!!!



    Me: Bob, what is this (pointing to a notebook)??
    Bob: umm.. Cardboard? Spiral?


    Sooooo many more hahahahah

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    [ Wednesday
    December 1st, 2004 | 3:25pm ]
    [ mood | flirty ]

    hey babes!!

    I brought my camera to school today.. i got some amazing pictures of all the people i love!!! But i have so many pictures that they dont all fit on one site, so i have two.


    *sItE oNe*

    *site two*



    I dont know if the secound site is right... but if it's not i'll come back and edit it.


    Today is our concert for girls ensemble!! It will probably be really bad.. oh well. lol! I dont like my dres.. i think its ugly! But who cares.


    Nothing new... Nothing really happened at all.. But come to our concert. 7:30 in the  cafeteria on the stage  ;)...

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    [ Tuesday
    November 30th, 2004 | 3:26am ]
    [ mood | cranky ]

    Today was soooo  boring it went by so slow! Ughh!


    First i couldnt find my book for reading class and i  was like o yeah i left it in the locker room and so i go in there (this is like 10 minutes after i was supposed to be in mr averills) and mrs ugly keller wasnt there!!! ughh retard. So i get there and hes like katherine this is your 2nd tardy, 3rd is detension and i'm like.. um duh u retard. Haha. and then yeah.


    Then i had health... was funner then gym with the raper mr mclash


    THen i had band.. wasnt too bad. Then social studies. OK well like i was barley tlaking and mr garvelink was like- Katherine! Be quiet. And i'm like one sec. and i finished my conversation. And hes like- join me at lunch. And i'm like but i'm already joining ms vestre!! lol and hes like well then tommarow. and i'm like alrighty then. bUt it turns out that i could do it today. So i go in the longest line possible to minimize the time i have to spend with him. so i get my food and start going into the hall and im walkng off when OUT OF NO WHERE  mr archer  comes and says,  hey where are you going and i'm like mr averills and hes like o well u cant take food out into the hall and i'm like woo then i cant go and hes like r u watching roots and i'm like no i got in trouble (STUPID ME!!!!!!) and hes like oh then you have to sit on the stage and i'm like... wait no, I'm watching roots! and hes like no. so yeah i went to his classroom after i finsihed eating and all we did was watch roots. Yeah.


    then all the other crap classes..


    It's sooooo cold in our school! ughh i hate it!!


    I'm so ready for winter break.




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    Hey! [ Tuesday
    September 14th, 2004 | 9:16pm ]
    [ mood | happy ]

    Today was alright. In the mornging i llike couldnt get up i was sooo tired! Then i went to school. Then at 12 i left (it felt so easy!) then i went to lunch. I got big boy it was so good. THen I get a physical. I Hated it. It hurt ( the finger prick ahh) put it turns out i'm healthy. Then i had bball tryouts...i think i did well.. Anyways I Love the rose (the song we sing in g.e) Everyone like hates it but now i'm like likeing it a lot! Its soooo pretty come to our concert oct. 3! wooo! Alright i'm out, love you!



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    Bored... [ Monday
    September 13th, 2004 | 8:30pm ]
    I'm so bored and i'm sad cause no one is leaving comments :( I'm realllly gonna try to write in this like 2 a day or once cuz its so annoying when people dont like Udate their thingy.. Anyway I'll tell you everything that i forgot in the one earlier today. WeLllLll... I FINNALLY got a LiveStrong braclet WOO! Lol i got it from a kid ono the bus. ahh i'm so happy but like its huge! Then social studies hw is sooo hard i was like asking to check with every1
    SOoo... more later :)
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